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Co-op 401(k) Plan

Our 401(k) plan for cooperatives features quick responses, solid performance, and high quality.


Welcome to America’s leading 401(k) program for cooperatives

The Co-op 401(k) Plan is truly rooted in communities across America and is committed to helping cooperative employees in all things retirement.

We have over 325 participating cooperatives, nearly 30,000 employees in 24 states, and over $900 million in retirement plan assets.

Your future is important to us, and part of our commitment to you is to make sure we have a competitive and effective retirement program.


About the Co-op 401(k) Plan

The Milliman Co-op 401(k) Plan is offered to cooperatives seeking high quality, low-cost retirement benefits for their employees. The plan features a variety of funds and investment options, personal service, anytime online account access, and world-class investment guidance.

The plan at a glance

  • Since 1995, we have been the leading 401(k) program for cooperatives.
  • Milliman handles account installation and ongoing plan administration.
  • The plan is endorsed by CHS, Land O’Lakes, and Triangle Cooperative Service Company.
  • The plan is cost-effective – most cooperatives save money in administration costs when switching to the Co-op 401(k) Plan.
  • The plan is completely fee-transparent.
  • The large number of participating cooperatives creates cost savings and administration advantages for you and your participants.
  • Our large asset base creates cost savings through high quality, low-cost investment options typically only available to larger employers.

An easy-to-administer, affordable 401(k) plan

The Co-op 401(k) Plan centralized online system keeps costs down, while minimizing paperwork and management for cooperatives. Each cooperative is offered the same high-quality plan. There are no special deals for any cooperatives; program growth results in fee reductions for our customers.

Wellness and educational programs

Milliman wants each plan participant to feel comfortable with their plan and understand their responsibility in participating in planning for retirement. Each participant is given access to educational materials, seminars, meetings, and personal service. Portability features also allow participants to follow a career path through the cooperative system without a discontinuity in retirement benefits.

Contact us about the Co-op 401(k) Plan

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