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Co-op 401(k) Plan investments

Co-op 401(k) Plan participants can choose from a variety of funds, plus three tiers of investing.


Co-op 401(k) Plan investments

Investments overview

To direct growth of retirement funds, cooperative participants have access to:

InvestMap: An age- and risk-based target model solution, which provides a unique asset allocation based on each participant’s current age using the plan’s core fund line-up.

Professionally managed accounts: Rockbridge investment managers and consultants who can offer advice or manage investment decisions and portfolio changes.

A variety of investment options: Profiles of high quality, low-cost investment funds are available to Co-op 401(k) Plan participants with fund detail available via the ticker symbol.

Rates of return: Quarterly summaries of Co-op 401(k) Plan investment fund returns.


InvestMap™ is a no cost age-appropriate investment allocation approach using the Co-op 401(k) Plan’s underlying investment funds. These age-based asset allocations begin when you first enroll in InvestMap and continue through your working years and into retirement. To enroll in InvestMap, you simply make a one-time election that sets you on a path designed to get the most out of your retirement plan savings.

Managed accounts

Professional investment management for Co-op 401(k) Plan participants is provided by Rockbridge, an investment advisory firm focused on serving the needs of agribusiness firms and their employees, and helping investors establish and achieve long-term investment goals.

Rates of return

To see the rates of returns for the Co-op 401(k) Plan investment funds, click on the download button below.


Co-op 401(k) Plan fund profiles

The Co-op 401(k) Plan offers high-quality, low-cost investment options in addition to InvestMap. For more information on a particular fund, click on the fund symbol in the "ticker" column.

Fund Fund Name Ticker
Stable Asset Galliard Stable Asset Galliard
Inflation Protected Bond Vanguard Inflation-Protected Secs I VIPIX
Bond PIMCO Total Return Institutional PTTRX
Intermediate Term Bond Vanguard Total Bond Market Index I VBTIX
Balanced Vanguard Wellington Admiral VWENX
Large-Cap Value Vanguard Windsor II Admiral VWNAX
Large-Cap Blend Vanguard Institutional Index Instl Pl VIIIX
Large-Cap Growth MainStay Large Cap Growth R6 MLRSX
Mid-Cap Value JPMorgan Mid Cap Value R6 JMVYX
Mid-Cap Growth T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth RPMGX
Small-Cap Value Wells Fargo Special Small Cap Value Inst ESPNX
Small-Cap Index Vanguard Small Cap Index InstlPlus VSCPX
Small-Cap Growth Vanguard Explorer Admiral VEXRX
International Large-Cap Value Dodge & Cox International Stock DODFX
International Large-Cap Blend Vanguard International Growth Admiral VWILX
International Large-Cap Blend Vanguard Total International Stock Index VTSNX
International Large-Cap Growth Artisan International Institutional APHIX

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